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This Online Social Media Course Has The Ability To Save You HOURS And $$s.

The social media marketing experts at Aspen Grove Marketing have created an online social media course to teach business owners and marketing managers exactly what they need to know to leverage the power of social media marketing to grow their business in an efficient and effective way.
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  • 1

    Welcome to Your Social Media Marketing Crash Course

    • WELCOME! Fasten your seatbelt – it’s about to get exciting!

  • 2

    Setting Your Foundation

    • INTRO: Here we go!

    • GOALS: Why are you here?

    • TARGET AUDIENCE: Who Do You Want to Connect With?

    • VOICE: Who Are You?

  • 3

    Platform Audit

    • REVIEW: Facebook for Business

    • REVIEW: Instagram for Business

    • REVIEW: Twitter for Business

    • REVIEW: LinkedIn for Business

    • REVIEW: Pinterest for Business

    • REVIEW: Snapchat for Business

    • REVIEW: Your Website

  • 4


    • Social Media Marketing Is NOT Traditional Marketing

    • CONTENT: What Are You Going to Say?

    • CONTENT: Make a Plan

    • IMAGES: What Kind Of Story Could You Tell With 1,000 Words?

    • DESIGN: Just a few tips and a tool to get you started

    • VIDEO: A crucial element for your online presence

    • ADVERTISING: Reach your target audience!

  • 5


    • ENGAGEMENT: The KEY to Success

    • ENGAGEMENT: Leave your Booth

  • 6

    Manage it all, analytics, reviews, and more!

    • REVIEWS: That is what she said

    • MANAGEMENT: Systems, planning, organization

    • ANALYTICS: How'd you do?

    • MARKETING: How does it all work together?


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What’s in the Online Social Media Course?

Step-by-Step instruction with worksheets and checklists to keep you on track.

  • Setting Your Foundation

    We’ll cover goal setting, identifying your target audiences, and defining the voice of your business to help you make connections in the landscape of social media.

  • Platform Audit

    We’ll take a good look at if and how your platforms are currently set up. We’ll make sure you’re maximizing their potential and using them fully. If they’re not set up yet, we’ll show you how.

  • Content

    We’ll dive into the meat of social media and cover what and how often to post. We’ll discuss images, videos, graphics, and your voice.

  • Engagement

    We’ll teach you how to connect and engage with your fans to build your brand and leverage your social accounts.

  • Metrics & More

    We’ll wrap it all up with some invaluable information about how to use your results and analytics to help your small business get the most out of your social media marketing.

Jump in and let's go!

Take advantage of this limited time pricing!